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Saraswatichandra 28th August 2014 Written Update

Saraswatichandra 28th August 2014 Written Update 

The Episode starts with Saras and Kumud talking looking at the stars. He says stars change like our life, I thought when I bring Maa home, I will make her meet you first and see she is completely against you, my every happiness stays incomplete. She says she is here with us, its good, you and Maa were incomplete without each other, let her say anything about me, I don’t feel bad as I know she will accept me one day. Kumud says we have to trust this. Saras holds her hands and says if I was in your place, I would have got broken, but you are the one who give me strength. She says no one feels bad of mum’s words. He hugs her. Danny comes to them and says Kaka wants to talk about school’s inauguration. The power goes.

Kumud says I will keep candles. She takes the candle in Saraswati’s room and sees her sleeping. She keeps candle and leaves. Aarti sees her and burns her toy’s baby’s hand. (I wish to slap this bitch) The toy falls and gets burnt. Aarti smiles and leaves. Saraswati wakes up and is shocked to see the baby burning. She shouts Chandra and everyone come. The power comes. Saras hugs her. They see the toy burnt. She says save my son and asks Aarti to save him. Aarti says nothing happened, calm down. Kumud can’t understand how this happened. She says she kept the candle. Saraswati says I know she wants to kill my Chandra. Kumud nods no, cries and runs. Saras cries too.

Aarti hugs Saraswati. Saras cries. Everyone leave. Aarti fills Saraswati’s ears against Kumud and says she will not let Kumud come here, she will protect her Chandra. Its morning, Kumud comes home. Guniyal asks where did you go. Kumud says she went to buy something and shows a new toy. Guniyal says its same like Saraswati’s toy. Kumud says yes, I will talk to her and say I m not her enemy and does not want to hurt her. Aarti hears this and plans. She takes knife and apple for Saraswati. She sees Saraswati resting and fills her ears again. She says Kumud can come again and try to kill you again. Saraswati gets sacred and asks Aarti to be with her. Aarti says she will be back soon, tale care.

Aarti smiles. Saraswati rests again. Kumud knocks the door and says Maa. Can I come in? Saraswati says no. Kumud shows the doll and says I got this for you, see it, don’t be afraid. Saraswati takes the knife to hurt Kumud. Saras comes and gets hurt by the knife. Kumud worries for him. Saraswati gets afraid seeing blood. Everyone worry seeing Saras. Danny brings medicines. Aarti comes and says she will do the dressing, while Kumud was doing it. Kumud moves and sees Aarti with Saras. Saras looks at Kumud and does not see Aarti even for a second. He keeps his eyes on Kumud.

Kumud cries and comes in her room. Saras comes after her and says Kumud please don’t cry. She says how Saras, you saved me and got hurt once again, why do you risk your life for me, how many times more, its always because of me, that you get hurt. He says no, you know it was accident. If I did not come between, you would have got hurt. She says I went to give the toy to Maa, as the old toy got burnt because of her. He says its not your mistake. Badimaa comes and says the same. She asks Saras why is he quiet, as Kumud’s tears are valuable. The door bell rings.

Badimaa hugs Kumud and says I think the doctor came to see Saraswati. Aarti sees Saraswati sleeping and calls Ghuman. She says Saraswati has hurt Saras and I did his dressing. Ghuman says its good news, not hear what you have to do ahead. Aarti says it will happen as you say. Ghuman says good. Everyone ask Saraswati how is she feeling now and doctor checks her. She talks to the family and says she is not well, you have to be careful and not give her any stress. She says she will prescribe medicines and Yash goes with her. Saras says Maa, you take rest. Everyone leave from her room. Kumud gives kheer to Aarti and asks her to give it to Saraswati as she has made it for her. Aarti says sure.

Danny says I told understand, how to explain Maa. Vidyachatur says I feel we should tell her the truth that Kumud is Saras’ wife.Saras says no, we have to wait till she gets fine, then I will tell her. Kabir says how much wait, when will she become fine. Saras says we reached Maa, she will also reach us soon, have some patience. Danny says Saras is right, you stayed without mum for many years. Few days more, we have to show courage. Maa has to get fine Kabir.

Saraswati asks Saras to swear that he will marry Aarti. Kumud walks towards her and says Saras will do what you want. She makes Saras swear by keeping his hand on Saraswati’s head. Everyone is sad.
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Wednesday, 27 August 2014

Saraswatichandra 27th August 2014 Written Update

Saraswatichandra 27th August 2014 Written Update 

The Episode starts with Kumud asking Saras did he talk to his dad. He says yes, he is very happy knowing Maa is back, his passport expired and he will come after 15 days. She asks did you tell him about her state. He says we have to take good care of her and make her fine, till dad comes here. She says yes, this will happen. He says he will meet Maa and leaves. Vidyachatur tells everyone that they did not know about Saraswati all these years. Guniyal says it was Lord’s wish, we have to pray that she gets fine. Kumud comes to Badimaa and says Saras is worried, if he sees me crying, he will be more worried, so I came to you. Badimaa says I k now whats going on in your heart, its not your mistake, what Saraswati thinks about you, its because of her mental state.

Kumud says I know, I don’t feel bad of her words. Badimaa asks who wrote her the letter to inform about Saraswati. Kumud says I was thinking the same, don’t know who wrote it, if its best wisher, why is he hiding, he knows everyone, and maybe linked to us since many years. Badimaa says thanks to him, for uniting us with Saraswati. Kumud says everything will be fine once Maa gets well. Danny says he spoke to Mumbai doctor, and its hard to say anything about her state, but we have to hold our hopes and not give her any shock.We have to do what she ways. Guniyal says yes, but Kabir is much sad. Vidyachatur says yes, he wanted her love and now she is here, and he can’t hug her. Danny says I will talk to him.

Saraswati sings the lullaby loudly and they hear it. Saras and Kumud come to her. Kumud hides. Saras cries and thinks of his childhood. She talks to the toy and asks to sleep. Vidyachatur and everyone come and see Saras crying looking at Saraswati. Kabir looks at Saraswati and everyone feel bad. Aarti comes to meet Saraswati and says Kaki…………… Saraswati identifies her. Yash says she came from asylum. Vdiyachatur asks who is she. Yash says nurse. Saraswati is glad seeing Aarti. Aarti says doctor has sent me to stay with you for few days. Saraswati says fine, don’t leave me, stay here.

Aarti says but this house is not mine, I can’t stay here forever, if I was your daughter, I would have lived with you forever. Saraswati says you are my daughter. She says Chandra, will you agree to me. Saras says yes, whatever you say. She says you marry Aarti. Everyone is shocked. Aarti smiles. She turns and makes innocent face. Saras says what……… what are you saying Maa. Saraswati asks will you marry her, will you listen to me, she is very nice girl. She says Aarti took care of her in hospital, she is very nice.

She says Aarti will keep you very happy. She will become my bahu. Saras says Kumud is my…….. Saraswati says no, why did you take her name, be away from her, she will kill us. She has poison, she will kill me. Aarti calms down Saraswati as she goes out of control. Saraswati says only Aarti can become my bahu. Aarti hugs her. Everyone come in the hall and talk about Saraswati. Saras says Kumud, Maa will take time to get well completely, she does not know what is she saying. He says she does not know about our marriage.

He says he will make everything fine. Kumud says I m hurt seeing her state, not by her words. Badimaa says don’t worry, we will talk to doctor and ask why does Saraswati think Kumud is her enemy. Aarti comes and says she spoke to doctor, she is out of city, I made Kaki sleep. She will be calm after resting, I m sorry for what happened today, I will see it does not happen again. She goes to Saraswati and smiles. Vidyachatur says Kumud, we always told you that Saraswati is an idol of motherly love, but today you got hurt by her. Lord will do justice, we have to be patient, once she gets fine, she will love you more than we do.

Kabir is in his room. Anushka comes to him. She asks is he fine, Maa did not identity you but blessed you, she did not say anything, but felt the close connection, I have full hope that she will be fine. She says give her some time, everything will be fine. He says he can’t keep patience, when she is infront of her, I want her to identify me and hug me calling me son. He says I want to call her Maa. Anushka says but you did not have hope to get her, but you got her, she will get fine and call you son. He says what if she does not identify me. She says it won’t happen, she will call you son. She says all distance goes if you stay with loved ones.

Aarti calls Ghuman and says I m trying my best to bring you out. Ghuman says not try, make me out of here, and what about plan. Aarti says she is doing her best and have a plan. Ghuman says do anything, my plan should be fulfilled, else you know what can I do. Aarti asks her to send money. Ghuman says it will reach your home, you focus on work. Aarti says yes. Ghuman says she chose the right girl for this work.

Aarti tells Ghuman that Saraswati has hurt Saras and she did his dressing. Ghuman says its good news and says next plan. Aarti says I will do as you say. Ghuman says good.      
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Saraswatichandra 26th August 2014 Written Update

Saraswatichandra 26th August 2014 Written Update 

The Episode starts with Saras saying Maa, she is Kumud. Saraswati says no, she is our enemy and will hurt us, let her go, she wants to kill us. Everyone looks on. Saraswati shouts asking Kumud to leave from here. Kumud cries and leaves. Guniyal cries hugging Badimaa. Saras goes after Kumud. Badimaa says it hopes she got stressed seeing everyone suddenly, she needs rest. Kumud comes in her room and cries. Saras comes to her and she hugs him crying. She says why is Maa saying I m her enemy and I want to kill her, why is she saying I took her everything, why Saras.

Saras says Kumud…………. She says she did not eat my given food in hospital, I don’t understand why is she saying this. Saras says listen to me, see you saw her state, she does not identify anyone, she gets worried seeing new faces, she is between us, not completely, she identifies only me, no one else. He says we have to help her, so that she gets well completely, then you see, she will love you as she loves me, are you with me. Kumud says always Saras and hugs him.

Saras consoles her and kisses her forehead. Guniyal talks to Saraswati asking her to get well soon. Saraswati sleeps. Kusum comes and says milk for Kaki. Guniyal says not now, she is sleeping. Kusum says I can’t believe this what happened, Kaki came after so many years. Guniyal says yes, so we don’t want to be annoyed with Lord, he always thinks good for us. She says there will be reason of her comeback. Saraswati gets up and cries seeing the baby toy missing. Guniyal and Kusum ask her not to worry, as they will find it.

Kusum gets it and gives it to her. Saraswati hugs the toy and says where did you go, why did you hide to make me worried. She sings the lullaby for the toy. Guniyal and Kusum feel bad seeing her state and leave. Kabir is in his room thinking about Saraswati and her unstable mental state. He cries. Someone knocks the door and he wipes his tears. Anushka comes and says maybe you won’t like that I came here, but I could not stop myself, I know you might be feeling bad. Your Maa came after many years and did not identify you, see the other side, you got what you wanted, trust Lord.

She says Lord has sent your Maa to unite you with her, you are not alone, we all are with you, you will get what all you want, her love, I promise this will happen. Kabir hugs her. Anushka smiles. He then moves far and says I will just come. Guniyal is upset. She tells Kusum, after Saraswati went, Saras was badly affected as he saw her drowning, he has shut his heart doors for everyone, when he came here, he don’t used to talk and smile, then he met Kumud. Kumud taught him smiling, saying his heart talk, now we feel he is not that Saras, she made him meet himself. I feel Kumud and Saras met by Saraswati’s blessings.

She says is Saraswati knew Kumud is her bahu, she would have been happy, but what does she think, how was she saying, she wants to keep Kumud away from Saras, she does not know Saras and Kumud are life links, unbreakable. She says Lord tangles all relations. Kusum says Saras was happy, don’t know what is happening. She asks did they tell Nandu Kaka. Guniyal says Saras said he will ccall him and say.

Badimaa comes to Saraswati and sees her talking to the toy. She says she has to talk to her. She talks about their old times, how they shared everything, and she was other mum of her Saras, you can trust me even today. She tells about Kumud. She says Kumud is not your enemy, she is pure like flowers given to Lord, she knows making people’s life prosperous. Kumud cries thinking about Badimaa’s words that Saraswati did suicide. She thinks about Danny’s words and how Saras broke up. She thinks of Saras’s depressed feelings that he can’t make new relations.

She thinks about Saras and their moments are shown in FB. She thinks Saras’ identity is by his mum, no one will separate them. Badimaa says you are lucky Saraswati, as Kumud is your bahu, she is your Chandra’s wife, give her once chance, see how much she loves you and takes care. She sees Saraswati sleeping. She smiles and leaves.

Kumud comes to Saraswati’s room and sees her sleeping. She smiles with tears in her eyes. She comes to her and thinks I love Saras a lot, I always found you with us, get well soon, your Chandra is waiting for you. She leaves.

Saraswati asks Saras will he do as she says. He says yes. He asks him to marry Aarti. Everyone is shocked. Aarti smiles.      
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Saraswatichandra 25th August 2014 Written Update

Saraswatichandra 25th August 2014 Written Update 

The Episode starts with Ghuman talking to Aarti. Aarti says she never did this before, so she is afraid. Ghuman says she has something which will make her less afraid and gives her a bundle of money. She says you will get much more, just do what I want. Aarti says yes, don’t worry, I will do what you say. Ghuman smiles and says our real work starts now, you can go. The doctor asks Saras to take care of Saraswati and see that she does not get stress. She asks Saraswati to take care. Saras thanks her for taking care of his mum. She says it was my duty. Saras says lets go home. Ghuman looks on from far and thinks you did not do good by sending me to jail, you don’t know Ghuman is back, now see what I will do with you all, I will snatch ground beneath your feet, else my name is not Ghuman.

Kabir says he has dropped Avinash to the hostel. Everyone miss him. Badimaa says when anyone goes, someone else comes, don’t know who will come this time. Kumud comes and says this time someone is coming. Badimaa asks who. Kumud says the one who is near your heart, my mum in law, your friend, Kabir and Saras’ mum. Everyone is shocked. Kumud says Yes Kabir, your mum is alive. Badimaa asks what is she saying. Kumud says I met her, she is in this village. Kumud tells them everything. Badimaa thanks Lord for this miracle. Danny asks does Saras know this. Kumud says yes. Kusum says no one can be more lucky than Saras and Kabir. Kumud says Saras is bringing her home. Danny says Kabir, Maa is coming home, can you believe it.

Guniyal says we did not know she is alive. Vidyachatur says this is miracle, but how did this happen. Kumud says she is in trauma and is in hospital, someone left her there, but don’t know who. Vidyachatur says Nandu, Bhabhi is alive. Kumud says Kabir, your Maa is coming. Kabir says yes Bhabhi, but she does not know me, for her I was dead when I was born. She might be not knowing she has another son. Badimaa says you stayed in her womb for nine months, a mum knows her son by her love, you are her blood, she will know your breath and heartbeat.

Saras brings Saraswati home. Everyone is shocked seeing her and walks towards them. The way Saras holds her with arms around her, being protective looks good to see. Everyone look at Saraswati. Danny holds Kabir and smiles. Saras says come Maa. Kumud thinks of Aarti’s words not to meet Saraswati as it can make her stress level rise. Saras makes Saraswati sit. Kabir and Danny cry. Kumud hides. Sarawati smiles. Saraas smiles and looks at everyone. Saraswati hugs the toy. Badimaa says Saraswati………….. Everyone smile and is worried seeing her mental state. Badimaa hugs her.

Badimaa says I knew this, you can’t go leaving us. Everyone worry as Saraswati does not identify them. Vidyachatur says we can’t believe our eyes. Guniyal hugs her and says see Lord’s justice, you left your household midway, but today you got the whole family and came back. Saraswati does not react. Badimaa says Saras you always told your Maa is with you, Lord has not broken your trust, you said right. Saras says Maa, this is Kabir. Everyone smile. Saraswati asks who are these people. Everyone’s smile goes. Saraswati asks where did you bring me, whose house is this. Vidyachatur says Bhabhi, this………. Saras says Kaka and stops him. Saras says Maa, they are ours. Saraswati talks to the toy baby. Saras says Kabir, you always missed Maa, today Maa has come, go and meet her. Vidyachatur asks him to come. Kabir comes to Saraswati. Kabir holds her hand and rests in her lap. Saraswati says my son and talks tp the toy. Kabir is stunned as she asks him to be quiet as her son is sleeping.

She says this is my son Chandra. Everyone cry seeing her. Kabir touches her feet and takes her blessings. Saras asks Kumud to come and meet Maa. Kumud walks out and Saraswati reacts badly saying she is the one who ruined her family and took away her son. She asks Kumud to go from here. She says she is our enemy, she took away everything from me. Everyone is shocked.

Kumud cries. Saras pacifies her and says Maa’s state is not good, she does not identify us, she is between us, but not completely. She knows only me.
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Saraswatichandra 23rd August 2014 Written Update

Saraswatichandra 23rd August 2014 Written Update
The Episode starts with everyone sitting on the dining table to break the fast and having a talk. Saras says I think Danny and Vidyachatur are fasting for the first time, I always kept fasts for Saras, you should learn from women. Vidyachatur says enough Saras babu, we accept that women have more strength than us, they keeep the fasts smiling and happily. He says the women will accept the fast first and then we will. Vidyachatur makes Guniyal break her fast. Danny breaks Kusum’s fast by making her eat the laddoo and drink water. Danny is hungry and Kuusm breaks his fast. Kumud and Saras smile. Saras and Kumud make each other other and end their fast. Guniyal asks Anushka won’t she have food. Anushka says she had and leaves. Kabir gives chocolate to Avi. Anushka stops and looks at them. Kabir says don’t have it alone, share it with your Didi. Avi says fine and comes to Anushka, saying Kavir gave it for us. Anushka smiles looking at Kabir.

Its morning, Kumud thinks why should Saras not meet his mum, as he is fine now, this will be the great thing for him, shall I tell him, no, I will bring Maa home. She smiles and thinks of giving the surprise. She talks to the doctor and says she wants to take her home, I believe she will get fine, when she meets Chandra, she will be completely fine, and come out of the trauma. The doctor says but its hard to control her. Kumud says that’s my responsibility, I will take care of everything. The doctor says fine, but don’t give her any surprise and shock, and call me when you need me. Kumud says fine, thanks, I m coming now. Ghuman hears this and says the plan is going as I wanted, I m eager to meet you Kumud, you are coming to take Saraswati Maa, but be ready to welcome the new trouble.

Vidyachatur and Saras look for Kumud. Vidyachatur asks him to take rest and send Kumud if she comes to him. Saras goes out and a guy gives him a letter. He is shocked to read his mum is alive. And she is in mental asylum, Kumud knows this who meets your mum every day.

Saras comes in the mental asylum and hears Saraswati singing the lullaby. He thinks of his childhood in FB. Saras walks stiff like being stunned. He thinks of him and Saraswati in FB, and remembers his childhood moments. He was very protective about his mum, when her hand burnt in making rotis, and then he made it for her, while Saraswati watched him happily. The roti burnt but she liked it and took his blessings. Saras cries thinking about her, and thinks of the hide and seek moment. He follows the voice and comes to her ward. He walks in and is shocked seeing her alive. He sees her with the baby toy singing the lullaby for him, and calling him Chandra, asking him to sleep.

Saras is stunned and gains strength to walk towards her. He looks at her and sits near her. He cries and touches her feet. She looks at him. He says Maa, I m your Chandra, your Saraswatichandra, do you remember me. Saraswati says Chandra and smiles. He cries resting his head on her lap. She says my son Chandra. Kumud walks in and is shocked seeing Saras there. She smiles happily seeing their union. Saraswati asks where I m. The nurse comes and asks him not to talk her much, she does not remember much, her stress level can get high. Saraswati resumes singing the lullaby. Saras cries.

Saras turns and looks at Kumud. He asks her do you wanted to give me this surprise. She nods yes. He hugs her. She says we will take her home, Lord has sent her only for you. He says he has to take her now. She says you talk to doctor and bring her home, I will go home and tell everyone. Saras cries seeing her mental state bad.

The doctor asks Saraswati to take care. Saras takes her home. Ghuman thinks they did not do this right by sending her jail, you don’t know I m back, see what I do with you, my name is not Ghuman if I don’t snatch the ground beneath your feet..
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Saraswatichandra 22nd August 2014 Written Update

Saraswatichandra 22nd August 2014 Written Update
The Episode starts with Ghuman asking Aarti to control Saraswati completely. Aarti says but Mam, how can I….. Ghuman says why, you can’t, fine let your parents die hungry, I will talk to some other nurse. Aarti says no. Ghuman says good, hear me carefully now. Saras wakes up and sees Kumud getting ready. He asks where is she going. She says its Vatsavitri puja, woman do the puja around the Peepal true to pray for her husband’s long life and get him in every birth, she kept the fast. He says we don’t need to prove our love by these fasts. She says I like to fast for you, its not to prove love but to thank Lord. She leaves. He says even I like to keep fast for you.

Aarti says what? Ghuman says why, you got worried, its just the beginning, now you will say you can’t do this, I gave you the choice, so sorry, I will decide what you do and when. Aarti says but I can’t do this. Ghuman says I have habit of hearing just yes, I don’t hear any no. She asks her not to think much and do as she says. Ghuman says I m back in game Kumud, this time I will end all games and go, now no one can save you from me, not even your Saraswatichandra.

The women do the puja. Guniyal, Kumud and Kusum come. Guniyal says if Kabir and Anushka were married, Anushka would have kept this fast and do this puja, she was upset hearing about this. Kumud says maybe she kept it in her heart, I wish they get married soon. Kusum says we will keep her with us all day, she will be glad. Kumud says lets start the puja. They tie the threads around the tree and do the puja. Kumud prays for Saras’ safety and his presence in her life. Saras comes there and she smiles seeing him. Saras smiles and makes an innocent face. Kusum smiles seeing Danny. Guniyal turns and sees Vidyachatur. The women get happy.

Guniyal says you all here. Vidyachatur says you kept fast, it was like rain my happen, so we came to take you. Danny says my reason is different, if I did not come, Kusum would have kept me hungry all day to take revenge. Vidyachatur says no no. Danny says yes yes. They laugh. Kusum says oh, so you came for this, not for me. The women touch their husband’s feet and they bless them. They leave. Kuud and Saras look at each other. Saras signs no. Danny asks them to come.

They come home. Kumud asks about Anushka. Kusum says don’t know, she and Avi went out. Vidyachatur asks about Kabir. Danny says he might be in his room. Vidyachatur says everything is decided my tigers, we won’t fail now. Saras says I m ready, but we can’t say about his hungry dude. Danny says excuse me, I m also ready. Kumud asks whats going on. Vidyachatur says we were talking about Karkhana. Kumud says come, breakfast is ready. Saras says we will have it later. Kumud asks when. Danny says when we feel hungry. Kumud asks whats cooking. Vidyachatur says you know it, as you were cooking in kitchen. Kumud says bad joke, tell me whats happening.

Guniyal comes and asks whats going on. Saras says we had breakfast on the way when we came to take you. Kumud asks what did they have. Saras says samosa, dhokla, hot jalebis. Danny’s mouth waters and he leaves. Vidyachatur says Saras, we have to talk about new order, lets go. They all leave. Kusum says don’t you doubt on them Didi. Kumud says I m sure they are lying, I feel they all kept the doubt. Guniyal says I will talk to your dad. Kumud says whats the need for Saras to fast, he has to take medicines. She leaves. Kusum says let Danny be hungry for a day. Yash’s mum asks her to go and make him eat.

Anushka and Avi come home. Yash’s mum asks them to have food. Anushka says we are not hungry, we had food outside. She says fine. Avi says why did you lie to her, only I had food, you did not have food. Kabir hears this. Anushka says don’t tell this to anyone, tell them I had food. Avi says fine and leaves, Anushka sees Kabir and leaves. Danny is diverting his mind from hunger and reads a magazine. He says when will the day end. He says Danny you can do this, focus…. Danny smells the food and says from where is it coming, maybe my mind is not working. He asks the Lord why is he doing this with him, give me courage to keep the fast.

Kusum comes with a food plate and shows him. He says he is not hungry. She asks why, what did you have. He says he had breakfast. She insists. She says she will make him eat. He says he kept the fast. She smiles. He holds his head. She says I knew this. He says you knew it. She asks why did you not tell me. He says I wanted to give you surprise. She says no need to do this. He says why, you do so much for me, can’t I do this for you, sometimes my heart says I should do a lot for you. She smiles happily holding his hand.

Anuahka talks to her dad and says she is fine. Kabir comes to her and she ends the call. He asks her not to keep any fast for him. She says this decision is mine. He says stop this drama, we are ………… She says not together, right, you feel I don’t love you, I know we are not marrying, this is your decision and I accept it, but this fasting decision is mine. He asks why. She says as my trust is not weak like yours. Kabir leaves. She cries. He stops and looks at her. Kumud brings food for Saras and asks him to have it and then medicines. Saras says no, he ate a lot and now can just have medicines. She asks him to stop acting, as she knows he kept the fast, but he can’t.

He asks why. She says you have to take medicines too. He says he won’t eat. She insists. He says he won’t eat. She says fine, I won’t talk to you. He says Kumud, see you know and I know this is not anger, but worry, so don’t do this anger on me, see till you are with me, I don’t need any medicines. She says please don’t keep the fast, you are weak and you need medicines. He says I like to fast for you. She thinks of their earlier moments, how he kept the fast before. She smiles.

Saras comes to meet Saraswati in the mental asylum and breaks down seeing her. Kumud comes after him and looks at him. Saras says Maa and tears roll down his eyes. Kumud looks stunned.
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Thursday, 21 August 2014

Saraswatichandra 21st August 2014 Written Update

Saraswatichandra 21st August 2014 Written Update 

The Episode starts with Kumud taking food for Saras. She says she will limit Saras to the room. Danny says he is Vidyachatur’s fan else that Sadu, I mean myloving elder brother does not listen to anyone. Kumud looks at her. Danny says apart from you. Everyone smile. Kumud goes with the food. Vidyachatur sees Anushka and Kabir silent. Danny talks to Avinash. Avi asks him to play cricket with him and Kabir. Danny says I feel you are liking Kabir’s company. Avi says yes, he has become my best friend so I was telling Didi………….. Anushka stops him from saying and asks him to have food silently. Everyone look at each other. Kabir gets up and leaves annoyed.

Saras eats the food and says he is feeling uneasy like tied, in just one day, but what to do, Kaka scolds a lot and I have to listen, if there was anyone else. I would have gone out, what happened to me. Kumud smiles and says when you get angry, your cheeks get red like tomatoes. Saras emotionally blackmails. He asks about Kabir and Anushka’s love story. She says I wish they get ready for marriage. He says I tried to talk to him, but he is not listening. She says yes. He says he took my being silent quality, see how much I talk now. He says its not Anushka’s mistake, she was helpless, I m sure Kabir won’t get a better life partner than her. He says if Maa was here, she would have explained him relations, and heart relations have to taken good care of. I hope Kabir understands soon. Kumud looks on and thinks she is waiting for the day when Maa comes in this house.

Its morning, Saras wakes up and says good morning. Kumud says good morning. He asks the time. She says its 8. He says Kaka made me kid, see I slept for much time. She says I was waking you up and you did not get up. He says what to do, I get tired, everyone knows I don’t take holiday, you know how much I work. He asks where is she going. She says school work. He asks what work on Sunday. She says principal kept meeting. He says I told yesterday you can’t lie. She says I will tell you, wait for sometime. He says fine, but is everything ok. She says yes I m fine, don’t tell anyone. He says what will I say if I m clueless. She says don’t worry. He says I love you and she leaves. He says what is she hiding from me, I have to wait if she says. Lets sleep for some more time.

Saraswati talks to her baby toy and feeds the toy. Kumud comes to meet her and smiles. She brings tiffin for her. Saraswati thinks about Ghuman’s words and is scared. Kumud goes to talk to the doctor about Saraswati. Saraswati smiles seeing the food. Kumud asks can she take Maa to a private hospital. The doctor says sure. Ghuman sees Saraswati with the food and thinks how did Saraswati forget my words seeing Kumud, whats special in Kumud.

Ghuman signs the nurse. The nurse asks Saraswati not to eat this food, else her health will become bad. Saraswati says that girl got this. Ghuman comes and says she is your enemy, and fills her ears against Kumud, repeating the same lines. She says this food has poison to kill you and your son. Saraswati gets scared. Ghuman says what was she thinking, she will snatch my everything and give back to Saraswati, but now you will lose everything, Ghuman will win again failing everyone.

Kumud comes back in the ward and asks where did Saraswati go. The nurse says she went to other ward, she said her food has poison and you mixed it, don’t meet her now, as her stress level has get high. The doctor says such patients can’t be predicted, you can meet her sometimes. Kumud leaves. Ghuman looks at the nurse and comes to Saraswati. Ghuman says she has come to help her, as she is her friend. She asks do you want to meet your son. Saraswati says yes. Ghuman says I will make you meet him, but don’t tell that girl Kumud. Saraswati agrees. Ghuman says she is not a good girl, she won’t let you meet your son, she is very bad and can kill you, but don’t worry, I m with you, your friend. She says the nurse Aarti is also with us. Aarti says yes. Ghuman asks Saraswati to be away from Kumud.

Badimaa talks to Saras and says even she gets worried when problems come. She talks about Kabir and Anushka. He says they need some time, I m sure they are made for each other and they will realize soon. She asks about Kumud, it feels she is having something in her heart. He says yes, you are right, I asked her and she said she needs time and will tell when time comes. She says fine, but she should not be in any problem. He says no, else I would have felt it. She says give her time and let her say. She wishes for everyone. Saras pulls her leg. She says stop it, else I will slap you. He says how can you love many people at same time, think about yourself. She says I have everyone and you tot worry for me, work now. I felt light talking to you.

Kumud comes and says I see you love Saras a lot when I m not here. Saras says yes, she is my Maai, I complained to her that you worry for school more than me. They laugh. Kumud says she is my Badimaa and hugs her. Ghuman waits for Aarti. Aarti brings medicines and Ghuman throws it. Ghuman says next step now. She says she has laid the trap, the prey should be caught in it. She says Saraswati should blindly trust us, Control her well that she obeys you, then I can work on my next plan.

Ghuman says she is back in game, and this time she will end everything, no one can save you Kumud, not even your Saraswatichandra.
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Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Saraswatichandra 20th August 2014 Written Update

Saraswatichandra 20th August 2014 Written Update 

The Episode starts with Saras falling on the kitchen door. Everyone get shocked and rush to him saying Saras. They ask what happened to him. Vidyachatur asks Kabir to call the doctor. They take him to his room. Kumud asks the doctor is everything fine. The doctor says he needs bed rest, he had operation few days ago and it seems he is taking work stress, give medicines to him on time and make sure he does not take any stress. Vidyachatur says I told him to take rest, but now he won’t go out till he gets completely fine. Kabir says yes, Kaka is right, you take rest. Danny and I will manage the work. Everyone leave asking him to rest. Kumud asks him to lie down and not get up. She says I know there is lots of factory and school work, but first think about your health.

She says I will get medicines. She turns and sees the letter in her bag. Its morning, Kumud tells Kabir that she will go, and not tell anyone that she went alone. Kabir says but….She asks him to go to Danny. Kabir says fine and leaves. She gets another letter at the same place. She gets a baby doll pic. She reads the letter that its Saras’s valuable thing, if you want to see it, come at this address, your well wisher. She says who is this and why is he doing this. I should tell everything to Saras, no, he is not fine and doctor asked not to give him stress. She says first I will go and see.

Kumud comes to see the ladies in the mental asylum as the address brought her here. She hears the lady singing the lullaby. She sees the same doll in her lap and checks the pic. She goes to the lady. She is shocked to see her face and says Saraswati Maa. She thinks about Badimaa’s words. She thinks how can this be possible, Saras’ mum is alive, but she did suicide. She smiles and thinks your mum is alive Saras. She gets tears of happiness. The doctor asks do you know her. Kumud says yes, she is my mum in law, Saraswati Vyas, but how did she come here. The doctor says she is here before I joined, she is unstable, she does not hurt anyone, but play with this doll calling it Chandra, I don’t know who is this Chandra.

Kumud cups her face and smiles. She gets Saras’ call and thinks how to tell you where I m and whom I m seeing right now. Kumud talks to Saras and says she is out for work and will come home after some time. He ends the call. Kumud says the doctor that she wants to take her home. The doctor says no, she is not fine, you can’t take her. She says no one came to meet her. Kumud says we felt she did suicide and died. The doctor says she is here since many years, it won’t be good if you take her out. Kumud says fine, I will come here daily, call me if you need anything. Kumud sits near Saraswati and thinks Maa, no one thought this can happen, but Saras always prayed to get you back, Kanha heard him and has sent you back, soon I will take you to your Chandra.

Kumud touches Saraswati’s feet to seek her blessings and cries. She leaves. Ghuman looks on and stands out of the dark smiling. Ghuman thinks Saraswati may know my face, she may identity, but I have to take the risk, if she identifies me, I will shout. She comes to her and says Saraswati. Saraswati smiles and says my son Chandra is sleeping. Ghuman says this is not your Chandra, it’s a doll, your son Saraswatichandra and your husband Laxminandan have gone very far from you.

She says do you know who made them far, this girl who came just now and touched your feet. She says this girl is very clever, she is the one who has made you way from your husband and Chandra. She did this to you, don’t trust her, she is very bad and will take your Chandra. Saraswati gets worried. Ghuman says her name is Kumud. Saraswati says I won’t let anything happen to my son. (Shame on Ghuman, for falling so low!!)Avinash comes to Anushka and praises Kabir. He says he is a super hero and now my best friend. He says I don’t want to go to my hostel, I will miss you all.

He says I have an idea to be with Kabir, you marry him. She says are you mad, what are you saying. He says its right, you won’t get 6 pack husband. He says you both look so good together. She asks him to go and change. He leaves. Anushka thinks how to tell you Avi, even I dreamt this, but it can’t be fulfilled, I don’t know how can I live without him. Kabir hears them and thinks Anushka does not love her, this relation broke before getting linked.

Saras calls Kumud and is worried as her phone is off. Kumud comes home and thinks to tell Saras or not about his mum. He asks where was she, she did not call him. She says the battery was dead. He says he worries for her, don’t do this, its wrong. She says fine, I won’t talk to you. He says when I lost my memory, when I acted, then you used to talk to me and spend time, now when I got memory back, you don’t spend time with me. He says he is annoyed, she is not annoyed with him. She says fine sorry, I won’t do this again. He asks where did she go. She thinks how to say she went to get his most valuable thing.

He asks whats the surprise and asks why is she crying, ok fine, I was joking, no surprise, don’t cry please. She thinks no Saras, mum is back. He asks what happened, please tell me. She says no, old thing came in my mind. He asks what. She says nothing. He says we know you can’t lie, why do you try. She says I have hidden something, but will tell you on right time, don’t ask me, do you trust me. He says more than myself, but tell me when time comes. She goes. He thinks what is the matter that she cried.

Kumud comes to meet Saraswati. The nurse says she went in other ward, she said her food has poison and you mixed it, you don’t meet her, her stress level is increasing. The doctor asks Kumud not to meet Saraswati.
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Tuesday, 19 August 2014

Saraswatichandra 19th August 2014 Written Update

Saraswatichandra 19th August 2014 Written Update 

The Episode starts with Vidyachatur asking the inspector to find out Rohit soon, and who was behind all this. He ends the call and says Saras does not stay at home, he does not care. He says I have decided, Kumud and Saras won’t go out, and even Anushka. Guniyal and Badimaa calm him down. He is worried. He gets worried till they come home. Danny and Saras come. Vidyachatur asks about Kumud. Kumud comes and says I had meeting with kids’ parents. Vidyachatur gets angry seeing her come alone. Kabir says no, I was with her. Saras asks him not to worry. He says why are you all not worried, you know about someone attacking on you, he is not caught. Saras says yes we know, police is finding out.

Vidyachatur asks them not to be careless. Saras says we are not careless, we have someone when we got out, we don’t send Anushka alone. He says we can’t sit at home being afraid. Vidyachatur says you have to be at home. Kumud says I don’t go alone, and stay at school if no one comes to pick me. Saras says we will know who is that, they have hit on our back, but now they won’t be able to harm us. Danny says Kabir and I are focused on Saras and Kumud, nothing will happen to them. Kabir says yes, don’t worry, we will take good care of them. Saras says Kaka, I have to tell something.

He says the school we made on mum’s name, I m thinking to start it next week, on her birthday. Everyone is happy and smile. Badimaa says only Saras can think this, this will give her soul very peace. She cries. Danny says its trademark of this house to cry on good news. He says I thought Sheera will be made today. Yash says yes. Saras says the credit goes to Kumud, as it was her idea so that mum stays with us. Saras hugs Badimaa. Guniyal asks them to have food. Danny says and……….. She says yes, I will make Sheera.

Its night, Saras sees Kumud working and asks her to sleep. She says you sleep, I m checking the answersheets, they are not studying well. He says now they will study well as their teacher ji is back. He goes to the bed. She asks what happened. He says nothing. She comes to him and asks are you thinking about mum’s school. He says no, I was thinking about Kabir, as I saw him crying today. She says yes, he got upset hearing Badimaa’s words. He says yes, I saw my mum, but he did not, I saw him happy for the first time when Anushka was in his love, but now he is making her away.

She says no, they love each other and will unite, we have to trust them and give them time. Kabir has bad memories, but we will give him love that he will forget all bad memories. She says she will spend time with him and check answersheets tomorrow. They lie down. She asks him to sleep and says good night. They sleep. Its morning, Danny says Saras that client said we gave to go meeting together. Vidyachatur stops them being worried. He asks Saras and Kumud not to go. He says Rohit is not caught and we don’t know who is behind him.

Saras asks him not to worry. Vidyachatur says we stay tensed till you come back home. He says fine, but no one will go alone. Danny says I m going with Saras to factory. Kabir says I will drop Kumud to school. Vidyachatur asks about return. Danny and Kabir take the duties. Danny and Saras leave. Vidyachatur asks him to call reaching factory. Avinash asks Kumud can he come. Kumud says tomorrow, I m going to other school today. Anushka asks her to take care. Vidyachatur asks her to call him after reaching school.

Kumud gets an envelope and opens it. She gets a letter and reads ……. Its important work so I m writing this, I have the valuable thing of Saras, please come and take it, your well wisher. She says there is no name and address, who wrote this and why. What valuable thing? Kabir hits the horn asking her to come. She leaves. The nurse comes to Saraswati and tells her that a woman wants to harm her and her baby, and she has come to warn her. Saraswati asks why. The nurse says she is finding for one chance, so she is alerting her.

The brothers work in the office. Saras asks them to go to school work and he will attend the meeting. Danny asks for school work or to see Kumud? Saras says go. Danny says Kabir you go, as I have to be with Saras, Kaka will be worried. Kabir says Bhaiya I will go and leaves. Saras asks Danny to learn something from Kabir. Danny says fine, I m going, and you check the file and call me. Saras says you are ordering me and asks him to go.

Anushka is worried for Avinash and talks to Kusum. She says everyone was tensed because of me, but they have forgiven me, but will I be able to forgive myself. Kusum says we should apologize to you, as the kidnapper wanted to harm our family and kidnapped Avinash and troubled you. Anushka says everything changes. Kusum says she will talk to Kabir, but Anushka says no, I accept his decision. She leaves.

Everyone sit for dinner. Vidyachatur asks Saras about factory work. Badimaa asks him about school work. Saras says everything good going on. Kumud is thinking about the letter. Vidyachatur asks her about her new school. She says it was good. Danny says he will become the school’s principal, as he is fed up of Saras’ scolding and clients’ business. Saras says he forgot he got much scolded in school. Saras says you won’t even get admission in first grade. Everyone laugh. Saras holds his head. Avinash says he feels to stay here forever as they make good food. Guniyal says its Saras’ fav food. Danny says yes, Kaki as he is your fav son.

Kusum says your fav Kerela is also made. Saras feels unwell. Kumud sees him and says Saras. Saras says nothing, I will come and goes to wash hands. He holds his head and falls on the door. Everyone is shocked seeing him.

Kumud comes in the mental hospital and sees Saraswati and the baby. She checks the same baby doll pic in her phone.
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